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    Here we are going to discuss which companies and business types we have merchant account solutions for. In general we have solutions for virtually any type of company. We have been established for over 10 years and specialize in helping small businesses get set up to process credit cards at their company.  We doubt you will get a better experience at any other merchant bank provider. You'll find that we offer the best and cheapest rates on all our merchant account processing services. We also do not discriminate against business types and can handle virtually any type of company or service you throw at us. You can expect a 99% approval rate on low risk accounts, and for those that fall in high risk categories we have a 80 to 90% approval rates.

    Retail Establishments

    These include traditional in person transactions where a card swiped and the customer or client signed a receipt. In many cases you can also take an imprint of their card as was done years ago before electronic networks. These type of merchants will have the lowest cheap rates they include restaurants and bars, food establishments, retail stores like dollar stores and local pharmacies, pizza shops, and anything related to food. They also include general selling of merchandise, contractors such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and landscapers like lawn services or hard scape construction companies. Or they include local clothing shops, convenience shops, gas stations and service stations, auto repair shops, car dealers and even used car dealers. They also include Law offices, physicians offices, psychiatrists and clinics, anywhere that a credit card is accepted in person. Other types include service providers such as massage parlors, nail salons, hair salons, virtually any company that provides products and services to the public should probably get set up to process credit cards at their business.

    Seasonal Businesses

    These type of companies include vendors at crafts and trade shows that may not need processing year-round. For example a vendor that travels from fairs to  craft shows may not need credit card processing all the time only periodically throughout certain times of the year. In this case they may be applicable for a wireless mobile solution. Other seasonal businesses that may need set up include those that vacation spots or those that are seasonal such as ski resorts, ski equipment, or snowboarding rentals and supplies. Or maybe a search shop or beach supply store general stores typically fall in to the seasonal category where the only process credit cards certain types of the year and need their accounts paused during the closed periods.

    Online Companies

    These type of Internet companies typically fall into two types low risk or a high-risk Internet industry merchants. Low risk include traditional shopping carts such as vendors who sell products and services online but they are transactions and customers are routine. On the other hand many merchants online fall into high-risk industries such as travel agencies, collection companies, adult, e-cigarette and tobacco,and they will need a bank that is friendly towards their business model. Please note some of our staff in agents have actual experience being merchants themselves in the past and actually understand how to set up and integrate a shopping cart with companies like authorize net, eprocessing network, pay flow Pro, PayPal.

    Travel and Hospitality

    We set up companies in the hospitality industry including travel agents, vacation packages, tour operators, we help them get set up with hospitality merchant services. Many companies and businesses find it difficult to find a merchant account provider that is friendly towards these industries. We can assist your business even if it's a new business or established one get set up with credit card processing through a bank that is friendly toward your industry. If you are an established business we can also offer you cheaper and better rates in comparison to what you are paying now through your current provider. These type of businesses also include hotels motels and lodging companies including inns, ski lodges, and vacation rental merchant services.

    High Risk Companies

    Many businesses will fall into this category even though they may have great credit and a great business model. Banks keep a portfolio of merchants and only want to maintain and process for those that offer the highest reward with the least amount of risk. This is just a smart business practice for many banks to keep profitability high and potential losses low. However your business still needs to process credit cards from your customers. Especially if you are an online Internet company that is the only way for you to receive payment from your clients. High-risk companies include tobacco, escort agencies, adult businesses, collections and credit repair, debt consolidation services, travel agencies, e-cigarette's, cigar shop, porn shops, novelty sex toy stores, adult video companies, strip clubs and places where alcohol is served, liquor stores, head shops or smoking products, high volume large ticket items. We will offer the cheapest and best rates we can for these type of high risk merchant's. Choices for banks willing to process these type of small businesses are limited, it if you are a new business your choices of banks are even smaller. But we still can offer better cheap transaction fees for these type of companies.





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