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    We help small businesses get set up to process credit cards on your e-commerce shopping cart systems. The whole process to get set up to accept payments on your website is relatively straightforward. Business owners and entrepreneurs especially know how critical reliable and affordable merchant services are to website owners. Nearly all of your revenue may be generated through shopping cart systems in order processing billing technology and without it, without reliable banks that understand your needs, you may not be able to function as a business enterprise. Visa and MasterCard acceptance therefore is mission-critical to your bottom line, without it it is difficult to process payments. The idea of customers mailing in checks or money orders for a website purchase is unrealistic. Our knowledgeable staff has a background in small business website operations. The agents that you speak with and correspond with through email understand the ins and outs of credit card processing services because they've used these type of services and solutions before as small business owners.


    Your rates will depend on the products and services you are offering on your ecommerce online business. In some cases Visa and MasterCard have classifications of business types and certain merchants pay more than others based on risk level. There are low risk and high risk type of classifications. The higher your risk level the higher of a percentage you will pay for transactions. Be wary when speaking to large processing banks that do not know much at all about your business and company. They may offer you very low rates and pull you in only to shut down your business a few months later after your volume increases. This is a frequent problem we have seen in the industry. In general typical rates for credit card processing on e-commerce websites will fall in the range of 2 to 3%. It is impossible for any company to quote you a rate online without the details of your company, the products and services you are offering, and the risk level. In some cases rates will also go above 3%. For example say you operate and adult website business or you operate an online pharmacy, the risk level for chargebacks is greater and the transaction rates you will pay may be higher. Or say for example your customer uses a rewards card or a business credit card. These rewards cards often give back cashback or points to their customers. This one percent cash back reward is actually passed on to the merchant in the form of higher credit card transaction fees. So as a ballpark estimate most online businesses will fall in the 2 to 3% range.


    Our company offers merchant account services in a wide variety of industries and websites. We offer solutions for companies that ship and sell products to consumers and businesses. For example, traditional shopping cart Gateway systems. We also cover and offer high risk solutions such as those in the adult industry, travel companies, credit repair, collection agencies, tobacco companies, firearm dealers, e-cigarette's, cigar shops, web design and hosting services, SEO and marketing companies,online dating websites, MOTO businesses,online pharmacies, vitamins and nutraceuticals, high risk and high volume merchant account provider. There is virtually no industry we cant help. We have a 80 to 90% approval rate for high risk merchant accounts. For low risk the approval rate is nearly 99% and we also have solutions for those who have poor credit, bad credit, or have been denied or declined by other banks.


    When you work with us you will be working with a company and a sales team that knows the ins and outs of e-commerce online merchant services. The founders of the company got their start in merchant account processing by working with other banks processing their own websites systems. So you won't be dealing with a sales guy who has no knowledge about the industry. You'll actually talking to Internet pros who know what PHP and MySQL code are. We know how payment gateways work the troubleshooting and issues that can arise and how important a Internet friendly bank is to their business.


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